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Art Conservation Services

I dream my painting and I paint my dream. — Vincent van Gogh

Along with museum quality custom framing, we also offer art conservation services. Our in-house art conservator has more than 26 years of experience. Free consultations on the premises of Art Frame Solutions in Reston, Virginia, are available by appointment.

The Conservation Process

The following art conservation services may or may not be needed for any given piece of artwork:

Examine Investigate Structure, Materials, & Condition
Identify the Extent & Causes of Alteration & Deterioration.
Document Record, in a Permanent Format, the Information Derived from Conservation Activities
Clean Remove Soiling & Tarnished Varnishes
Add Archival Lining onto Secondary Supports (Rigid or Fabric)
Mend Tears
Apply Particle-Free Archival Finishes
Inpaint (Retouch) Using Archival & Reversible Materials, Oils Never Used
Consolidate Flaking Pigment & Cleavage
Remediate Mold
Remove Low Odors
Treat Deliberately Alter Chemical and/or Physical Aspects to Prolong Existence
Stabilize to Maintain the Integrity & Minimize Deterioration
Restore to a Known or Assumed State (Non-Original Material May Be Added)

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